Ribble Packaging implement CRM to handle customer complaints
Ribble Packaging have been using a web based standalone CRM system for customer complaints for the last few years. Because it was not linked to Packaging 3000 there was a great deal of manual data entry required to run the system.

Added to that was a hefty annual fee to run this external system. As soon as our CRM system got the go ahead for release Ribble snapped it up. Initially the only workflows created at Ribble are for Customer complaint management which is the main thing their old system was being used for. We were keen to see how we stacked up against a generic CRM system and the feedback is very positive.

Brain Parkin Ribble’s IT Manager and responsible for the CRM implementation says “We are very happy with the new software. We opted for our current CRM system to deal with Customer complaints a few years ago because Abaca’s offering was only at concept stage at the time. The current system did a good job, but because it wasn’t linked we were typing everything. Now we select a delivery or invoice in Packaging 3000 which the customer has identified as a problem and launch a case from it. This starts a process which follows our complaints procedure allocating tasks to various members of staff and culminates in a resolution for the customer with full audit traceability. The integration to Packaging 3000 is the key for us. We are now working in one coherent system and more efficiently than before.”

• Full integration to Packaging 3000 and the Global 3000 accounting ledgers
• Multi-layer workflows enabling user level managed tasks for each stage in processes
• By selecting a transaction in Packaging 3000 to start a workflow all the information is passed from the packaging system to each task in the workflow
• Tasks assigned to users appear in their CRM task list within Packaging 3000
• Unlimited documents can be stored against any CRM task or activity so a complete history of a case is maintained in the system

The CRM software is part of Packaging 3000 and is free to all customers. Any customer wishing to implement CRM should contact