FSC update
This news bulletin is an update of the actions we are taking to make changes in the software to enable customers to run the FSC scheme efficiently and effectively without the need for manual system outside Packaging 3000.

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council was set up in 1993 in order to help promote sustainable forests and create a wood labelling scheme for Chain of Custody.
FSC now has working groups across 43 countries with 90 million hectares of forest certified across 82 countries and is well supported by Friends of The Earth, WWF, Greenpeace and the The Woodland Trust. FSC is a registered charity in the UK
Many High street names now carry the FSC Chain of Custody logo on everything from toilet rolls, sandwich wrappers, paper cups, toys, furniture, guitars and printed products. In the packaging sector manufacturers of corrugated and other timber related products are coming under pressure from their customers to provide FSC certified products.

We have taken the initiative to make changes to Packaging 3000 to accommodate the certification so that the scheme can be run efficiently and effectively by the software.
These changes include
• Changes to supplier board price table to indicate whether the grade is available as FSC certified
• Changes to estimating to indicate whether the product is to be FSC certified. This can be set at customer level.
• If the product is required to be FSC then the purchase order will automatically state that the raw material must comply
• Stock batches will be tagged as FSC compliant when booked in following inspection.
• Stock issues of raw material will be tracked into each works order and if using RF3000 bar coding any non-compliant material will be challenged by the scanners in real time
• Delivery notes will automatically bear the FSC logo and any other information required for compliance
• Invoices will also automatically bear the FSC logo and any other information required for compliance
• Reports will be created to provide volume sales broken down into the correct FSC categories
• Reports will be created to provide an audit trail identifying any non-conformance

We anticipate this work will be complete around November 2012.

Anyone who is in the process of obtaining certification should consider the procedures being written for compliance as they are likely to change once we complete the changes to the software to make the whole process of FSC easier to manage.