End of year sales boost
Abaca are delighted to report the addition of two new South African sheet plants to their portfolio. PridePak and Boxlee are both located in Johannesburg and signed up for Packaging 3000 on the same day with installations to run in parallel in early 2013.

Both businesses purchase sheet from Corruseal’s sheet feeding operation who also use our software, so the B2B facility was a key factor for both sheet plants. In South Africa until 2011 every installation we had was an integrated plant and most of them also feed sheet so we were confident that once the B2B system was developed we would start to attract the sheet plants. Seyfert installed in late 2011 and have enjoyed the B2B functionality for a year now. We see adding Boxlee and PridePak as another big step forward and hope that more sheet plants will follow in South Africa.

In summary this is how transactions between the sheet feeder and the sheet plants will work:

Orders will be sent electronically directly from the sheet plants P3000 systems into the Corruseal sheet feeding P3000 system
Acknowledgements will come back into the sheet plant systems automatically and any discrepancies will be flagged.
Any further changes to delivery dates, prices, sizes, quantites or scoring will be sent from the Corruseal system into the sheet plants systems every 15 minutes eliminating the need for phone calls or emails.
The sheet plant scheduling systems will be updated with delivery date and time information for every job so the planner can see what materials he both has and will have available for scheduling work in his sheet plant.
Sheet will be delivered with barcoded pallet labels so the sheet plants can scan the board directly into stock and scan it again to issue it to machines.
All invoices will be sent electronically from the sheet feeder to the sheet plants and are imported into their ledgers which means they do not manually need to be keyed by the sheet plant creditors clerks

All of these electronic B2B facilities ensure a streamlined business at both the sheet feeder and at the sheet plants.