Development team stengthened
We have just appointed Dave Featley as Applications Programmer. The intention is for Dave to shoulder some of Dominic's support and general programming workload thus freeing up time for Dominic to invest in bigger projects.

Our newest colleague joins us with a wealth of ludicrously relevant experience. Hence Dave’s induction program set a record for brevity…rarely has anyone hit the ground running with such studious aplomb. When answering tricky questions he’s polished, professional and considered to a fault; frankly he seems to have access to the sum of all knowledge on the subject of programming. Dave’s a former Global programmer who was immersed in the foundation language of the Abaca system for 17 years before joining us. He clearly has the sort of loyalty levels that make puppies look like they lack staying power when it comes to devotion to the cause.

The first project allocated to Dave is the enhancement list that we have built for the Credit Control system since it was launched at the beginning of the year.

Dave follows the also recent appointment of Sue Jacobs who from day 1 has been allocated totally to the CRM project we have been developing. Sue has been making great strides here and we along with our customers are eagerly awaiting it's release. Watch this space for updates.