Credit Control Version 2 release
Following the success of the version 1 of Abaca System’s Credit Control system, version 2 has just been released to BETA and is expected to be available to existing customers as a free of charge upgrade within 2 weeks.

The new version builds on the feedback received from version 1 and includes multiple credit chase rules, enhanced contact selection, the ability to keep reps and managers informed of the customer’s credit status and which letters they are receiving, enhanced debt chasing of daily terms customers, enhanced notes, the ability to suspend and release customers from credit control and a full drill down back into the Debtors Ledger for enquiry purposes along with many other smaller features. This is free software that really makes a difference to credit control and has proven to reduce debtor days and make debt management easier.

All customers on maintenance will be upgraded onto this platform via Abaca System’s free update service but customers who specifically wish to get this version earlier than this are recommended to contact Abaca System’s support team via the usual channels. Any sites not currently running version 1 of the software will need an on site training day to configure the credit control system and train any users.