Corruseal Group install B2B across all sites
The B2B interface allows orders and invoices to be passed between different Packaging 3000 systems electronically saving vast amounts of time and ensuring total accuracy. The Corruseal group of 6 companies in South Africa has recognized the savings this provides and installed the B2B interfaces group wide.

Rajiv Mehta who oversees the Johannesburg sites comments "B2B has huge potential in streamlining our transactions. We have started with order processing between our inter company divisions which allow us two main advantages:

price and spec confirmation between branches with no chance for error
electronic invoicing reducing capturing and errors
Once this has been settled we want to implement B2B with our paper suppliers and have similar benefits in streamlining our creditors function. With this kind of functionality across our companies we look forward to big efficiency gains. We are excited with these continuous developments and improvements from ABACA."