Business to Business interface installed at Mpact Group in South Africa
Mpact (formerly Mondipak) in South Africa have joined the growing number of customers recognising the benefits of B2B transactions reducing the workload of their staff. Their Overboard operation in Springs near Johannesburg often buys board and finished goods from other group companies.

The B2B installation now brings the following benefits:

Orders sent from Overboard are received and processed as sales within the sister companies systems within seconds of transmission
The orders are entered automatically at the receiving end reducing both workload and the possibility of errors
Any discrepancy is flagged to the supplier end. This includes prices, size, quantity and lead times.
The supplier has the opportunity to review the order and then acknowlege it.
The acknowlegement is sent directly back into the purchasing system and any changes made at the supplier end are flagged to the purchaser
The expected delivery date from the supplier is updated in the purchasers system every 15 minutes
When the goods are delivered they are bar coded for the receiving end to scan directly into their stock system
If the delivery is finished goods for onward shipment the labels can be reused as the end user is the customer shown on the label
Finally the invoice is sent electronically from the supplier to the purchaser and processed automatically through their system
The invoice is rejected by the purchasing system if there is any discrepancy between the price/quantity delivered and invoiced