Another new African country added to the growing list of Abaca customers
We are pleased to have taken an order from Ghana for a new factory start up. Royal Crown Packaging in Accra, Ghana have placed an order for Packaging 3000 to be installed ready for the factory to turn out its first sheets of corrugated in November. The business is an offshoot of Kasapreko a prime drinks bottling company in Ghana. The company was founded in 1989 in Nungua, a suburb of Accra in response to the growing demand for good-quality alcoholic drinks that were still within the means of the average Ghanaian. Kasapreko rapidly ascended to the leadership position in the Gin market with their “Kasapreko Dry Gin”, which became the gin of choice for consumers.

An every increasing consumer of corrugated cartons, the company has seen the opportunity to both feeds its own bottling needs and sell to the external market. They are a forward thinking organization and recognise that good systems in their business are a key to success.

Abaca are very happy to have gained this contract and look forward to a long and successful partnership and the possibility of further business in country.

For more information on Kasapreko please follow http://www.kasaprekogh.com/cms/index.php/about-us/our-history